what of you think of the quote "I found out, at last, that love is not an state of the soul, but a Zodiac sign"?

really…. i think the opposite… thats why i dont write love-match compatibility… the soul transcends beyond the zodiac structure, and in every life we have changed signs… i am no “leo” zodiac sign, for example, i am the soul expressing as leo,
astrology does a brilliant thing that the more you immerse yourself in it the more your own zodiac seems to dilute amongst the universe that you are..

typical scorpio reaction to your blog, "i want to know how she knows all this information! i have to read what she reads and get inside of her head while i'm at it" hmmm haha

haha… i dont really read much on sun signs…the books i read are on houses and aspects, you can observe it, and i can slip into the scorpio space.. just being mindful! everyone is a guru of astrology if you listen… <3

scorpio horror date: wake up with blood spilled all over the sheets. tail sting unknowingly stung her all night.

Hi, Cherry! Since you're constantly speaking of sister signs, I wanted to tell you I've been reading the natal charts of famous poets and I've noticed something on English Romantics and French Symbolists. The Coleridge and Wordsworth duo, responsible for Lyrical Ballads, are libra and aries, respectively, while Shelley and Byron, who had a very productive friendship, were leo and aquarius. Meanwhile, Verlaine and Rimbaud were also aries and libra - but their affair didn't turn out so well! xoxo

wow… this is so amazing, thank you so much for your insight!!! these patterns are such magic when we find them! have a lovey day xoxo

single taurus date night: if you like me put a donut ring on in it 

A veil of insanity everywhere: Oh why I was born in this age? It is a terrible age.

Star Sign Quotes

Virginia Woolf, from a diary entry dated 10 March 1938.

aries horror date: begins kissing date and feels the heat and warming friction but the aries is not scared of danger so he keeps going putting his hot hand under her shirt then BAM explode he just sets on fire snap crackle aries date night turned into a burnt aries match stick

pisces horror date: cruise around pisces home until they get anxious and self conscious and bail and leave their date to drown in the middle of the ocean

Cherry/amber you have a gift! Thank you for providing your insight in astrology.

Thank you  so much!! <3 <3 goodmorning hugs! xo


What Makes a Writer?

After I finish a book, I often check the bio of the writer, and their zodiac is always of intrigue to me; being someone who spends many days reading, I am always curious in what makes a writer and how in which they write identifies with their cosmic charm bracelet. Astrologically, there are aspects and placements that relate to the skill of writing, and the theme in which it may be expressed. There are many types of writing; creative, political, journalism, economics, science, op-ed, media, scriptwriting, screenwriting, academic writing, fiction sports to name a few; what binds the art of writing combines an innate curiosity, imagination, articulation and the capacity to indulge multiple perspectives. Traditionally in astrology, Gemini and Virgo are the archetypal ‘writer sign’- falling under Mercury’s ruling; the planet governing communication, conversation, writing and language. Articulation and written communion is intrinsic for these individuals, and many find it easy to pick up new languages or streak through complex reading material. 

Mercury represents the intellect and a crystallized perception of reality unclouded by emotion; this is the planet of logic, objective reasoning and broadcasting information. Mercury is the winged messenger of the gods and conveys more information than you can imagine. He’s the courier of the accumulated wisdom of all time and space. He wore wings on his feet, so he never touched the ground, and his winged helmet was proof of his airy, intellectual nature. As the zodiac’s nervous system, Mercury’s writers tend to be scientific, research based and objective; able to succinctly and articulately impulse the message to the synapse without emotional grey wash. Often these individuals will have a compulsion to communicate their thoughts and find a natural affinity with dreaming through writing. Mercury gifts the ability to emanate an enormous amount of information in a concise and comprehensive way; with the pronunciation of intellect and ideas.

Gemini is known as the zodiac’s natural journalist, and are attracted excel at speech writing, freelance writing and writing anywhere their curiosity guides them. Variety is the spice of life for Gemini; they need to know latest headlines and gossip and have a pressing urgency to share everything they have learnt; this makes it instinctive for them to keep up with the news cycle and spread the word to the world. More Virgo are found in research, analytics and academic writing; where they can utuilize their skills for breaking down the bigger picture and examine the finer details.  Mercury makes its journey around the Sun the quickest, and this instills a lightning wit, inquiring mind and the ability to turn a pen into a magic wand. The Mercurial charm bracelets blesses an with an early aptitude for reading, writing and communicative expression. While these individuals tend to be bloggers, academics, novelists and broadcasters; they often lack the same verve when it comes to personal correspondence such as letter writing and emails. Mercury in Gemini, Virgo; or likewise in its exalted Aquarius; are natural linguists and inherit the winged messengers best qualities. 

The sign in which Mercury falls under also relates to the flavour one will write with. Mercury in a Water sign, Scorpio, Pisces or Cancer will be creative writers, under an Earth sign, Virgo, Taurus or Capricorn will lean towards analysis and research writing, Fire signs enjoy adventurous and philosophical research and story writing, while Air signs express scientific and objective articulation. Mercury in the 3rd, 9th, 12th House tend to make gifted writers and those with the messenger in the 10th will often make a career out of the literature profession. Mercury in the 1st House,  will find writing and communication natural and when placed in the 5th House may find gift in creative writing and one who will greatly enjoy the sentiment of writing. Mercury-Jupiter, Mercury-Uranus, Mercury-Moon aspects are also indicators.

The creative Goddess of Love, Venus blends a potion written flair for her charms Libra and Taurus; where Libra can integrate intuition with intellect and flourish in creative writing and Taurus can articulate in poetry and novel. A study by Britannica in 2009 highlighted that the highest number of writers fell under the Sun sign of Taurus. Taureans tend to make tremendous writers, because they can think of 16 different ways to say something; and colour it more beautifully every time. Venus expressed through Taurus, Libra, or in its exalted, Pisces will electrify this quality and bring a sophisticated, elegant and didactic articulation. This quality may be shared when Venus is found in the 2nd, 3rd, 5th and 12th Houses. 

Neptune is the planet of dreams, illusions and dreams, and many planets around Neptune indicates creative and fantasy writers. Moon-Neptune, Mercury-Neptune and Venus-Neptune can whip up vivid imagery and technicolour scenery. Aspects around the Moon will encompass intuition, imagination and emotion and a Moon in the 3rd House can suggest fantasy and sentimentally focused writing. Saturnian writers embrace logicality and rely on precision and irrefutable evidence. These writers tend to use their words sparingly and are largely analytical based.

Aspects around Jupiter and the 9th House, such as Moon, Venus, Mercury in the 9th House indicate writing flair often directed toward the higher intellect, philosophical and research pursuits. A stellium in the 3rd House, Gemini’s home of communication, speech, writing and communion usually instils generous writing talents; with a pressing urgency to share all that they have learned. Planets around the 12th House tend to relate to profound creative writing abilities, with the ability to illustrate tremendous vivid mental imagery. If you ever read this article again, try having a shot of vodka every time I write ‘writer’. I bet you wont make it to the end again.

a mythological zodiac spokeswoman

a mythological zodiac spokeswoman

aries bubba and gemini pixie playing

aries bubba and gemini pixie playing

the leo personality is complex and confusing. on one hand, they are a radiant burst of light, energy, royalty and confidence; while on the other hand tortured with insecurities and critical inner voices. leo constantly searching for the affection and approval from others they can’t generate within

many people are naturally attracted to the leo’s retained connection with their inner child. being in the company of leo is enough to draw the toddler inside to come out and play, and a leo never quite grows out of novelty

even when you don’t hear them, they hear you, all that you see makes up for what you don’t see, all that you feel makes up for everything your ego leads you to doubt… your angels are dancing with the part of your soul that is infinite, oh and try giggles.. laughing vibrates in harmony like music for them… x ❤ ❤