Soul Ages of the Zodiac
♈ Aries: Aries represent the age group 0-7; so they are, literally the zodiac's children. They take ornamental steps in discovering their environment and explore to ascertain their physical limitations. Like young children they view the world with wonder and awe and are uniquely innocent.
♉ Taurus: Taurus represent the age 7-14; likened to the child who is learning to control their physical environment and what belongs to others. The capacity to share is developed which lasts long into their life and learning to do things for oneself is stressed.
♊ Gemini: Gemini represent the age group 14-21; likeable to the adolescent reaching into young adulthood. This period is symbolised by a need to integrate socially and break free from restrictions. Like adolescents, Gemini are attracted to impulse and change, individuality, playfulness, travel, mischief and gaining new insights about the world.
♋ Cancer: Cancer represents the age group 21-28; likened to the young adult seeking to establish a sense of security amongst home, jobs and relationships. As with being a young adult, deep emotional friendship and trust is imperative and the need to wonder until a 'home' is found is pronounced. The idea one no longer has to conform to an idea or expectation is also developed here.
♌ Leo: Leo represent the age group 28-35; symbolising the mature adult bringing forward their true identity and force on the world. This is when one's 'presence' is truly developed as well as a tendency to operate on their own terms. The needs of bigger groups and injustices start to become more pronounced.
♍ Virgo: Virgo is taken to represent 35-42; the sixth period of life. Like a mature adult steadily making their ways in the world, this is the time of inevitable problem solving and selectiveness. One learns to become more discerning about what they should reveal about themselves. This is the age group when Virgo in particular truly open up and really get going.
♎ Libra: Libra represents the age group 42-49; likened to the mature adult passing through the mid way of life and endeavouring to change a particular way of doing things, broadening of perspectives and altering of habits. A development of true social understanding and intuition grows.
♏ Scorpio: Scorpio pertains to the age group 49-56; likened to the middle age and one's attempt to achieve their full power amongst social rules. Their is a summit in creative achievement and advancement and becoming a dominant force and pinnacle in one's career and family.
♐ Sagittarius: Sagittarius represent the age group 56-63 symbolising the empowerment of individuals to move away from social norms, conformity, career responsibilities in search of personal and universal concerns. Expansiveness, a desire to see the world and a development of strong ethical principles are developed.
♑ Capricorn: Capricorn represent the age 63-70, likened to the development of wisdom, crystallisation of ideas, and a need for security and structural support. This is also the age when people tend to 'age backwards' in terms of losing some sense of reserve and developing a more humorous way of viewing life.
♒ Aquarius: Aquarius pertain to the age 70-77 when a detachment from the earthly plane begins and a childlike quality creeps back in. This is the development of fanciful as well as wise thought processes and a higher acceptance of material and physical restrictions. Thoughts also seem to become much more central to life.
♓ Pisces: Pisces represent the age 77-84; as the elders of the world and the zodiac, this time period is represented by letting go of earthly attachments and merging with the cosmos. Spirituality and understanding of others is highly rich and developed. Escaping from the world through thought and daydream is also prevalent.
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