Secret Star Vulnerabilities
♈ Aries: Letting others see them emotional, teary and in need of love and re assurance
♉ Taurus: When somebody is even 2-3 minutes late; the worst case scenario runs through their minds; and they really begin to fret
♊ Gemini: The inappropriate personality will show up on the wrong occasion
♋ Cancer: Know effects their mood swings may have on their loved ones; and are yet powerless to reign it in
♌ Leo: Criticism, perceived rejection and asking for help. Their pride gets in the way of them reaching out when they need it most
♍ Virgo: They can see beauty in everything else; but when someone tries to prive how perfect they are; they can't believe it; their inner monologue is too self critical
♎ Libra: Letting others see them emotional, teary and in need of love and re assurance
♏ Scorpio: Revealing a dark or very hidden secret to another
♐ Sagittarius: Commitment to a relationship; coaxing them to surrender their independence and self regulating schedule
♑ Capricorn: Letting others see them emotional, teary and in need of love and re assurance; and they need help completing a task
♒ Aquarius: Aquarians will have utter and devoted empathy towards animal, children or vulnerable groups who have suffered; to everyone else, they can resource little of that relation
♓ Pisces: Even though they will trust blindly; there is a deep fear of rejection one day from their partner and the prospect of loneliness
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