Scorpio - The Zodiac’s Sorcerers 

Traditionally in astrology, Scorpio are known as the zodiac’s alchemists; the first pharmacists who endorsed witchcraft and harnessed the use of magic and nature for medicine. Of all the signs, Scorpio are blessed with the incredible ability to recharge the energies of other people, and the keywords surrounding this sign follow the theme; healer, rebirth, life, death, medicine, trauma and transformation. Scorpio energy supports magic, other worldly connections, merging with the deity, potions, spells, exorcism, mediumship, mental health, incense, charity, psychic healing and past lives. Traditionally, Halloween is known to be Scorpio’s holiday, which represents their affinity with the hidden and the occult, and their ability to see past the ‘masks’ of other human beings. The soul centred Scorpio, astrologically known as the Phoenix is the ultimate healing force, inflamed with exceptional inner brilliance and a hypnotic magnetic resonance. Astrologically, the sign of Scorpio is connected to physicians, medical doctors, pharmacy, sorcery, healers and surgeons.

The middle of the season’s Fixed energies tied with the depth of Water give Scorpio incredible powers of concentration. They have brilliant minds for chemistry, science and physics, and are natural pharmacists, medical researchers or health analysts. As our connection to the collective unconscious, the Water signs represent the zodiac’s healing forces, and Scorpio’s ability to empathize and gauge the emotions of another give them brilliant insight into how to remedy somebody’s distress.Like the Phoenix, Scorpios are survivors. Emotionally they may perish in the ashes of their own destructive nature. But they can also transcend and transform; they can bring forth from the ashes new and shining life. During this phase their intense perceptions will bend toward compassion understanding, rather than judgment. Their eroticism will reach beyond passion, toward love. Scorpio are survivors, people have died countless times over; and they have an incredible insight into how to guide others through the flame, how to breathe new life and transformation into others.  As the ruler of the reproductive zone, their connection to the body part of creation instils their powers of regeneration and creation in the human form.

The word ‘pharmacy’ is derived from ‘sorcery’ and Scorpio are the zodiac’s traditional sorcerers. Governed by the universe’s Death Tarot Card, Scorpio are all about provoking the given reality for the unconscious - the taboo, the occult, the mystical, the secrets, guided by Pluto’s purging of the polluted, toxic and viral. Here destruction meets creativity, causing a tremendous alchemical reaction between attraction. The Egyptians believed the scorpion represented initiation into sacred mysteries, and Scorpio has a natural access to this, ancient knowledge one where they find their healing remedy. The highest incarnation of this sign, is the “embodiment of love winning out over adversity, harmony arising out of unavoidable conflict, and the resurrection of the life force through a totally dedicated and self-conscious human being.” The highest of Scorpio is following her cosmic duty, the divine plan, and fighting for the whole humanity. Scorpio are easily hurt, and possess an incredible insight into the energies that promote healing and ultimate rebirth. 

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